EM-4 Emissometer

EM-4 Emissometer

To measure the emissivity of any type of surface
For infrared radiation energy flux measurements, it is essential to know the emissivity value

Emissivity is a parameter that influences the thermal radiation of a surface. This parameter can undergo multiple variations due to the environment.
It is therefore necessary to have a device capable of making measurements in situ.

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Measurement of total emissivity by reflectometric method.

Emissometre EM4

The modulated flux method is independent of the temperature of the sample. A sample can be measured outdoors regardless of its temperature. Patented device (FR1251476)

The emissometer allows these users to:

  • Measuring total directional emissivity
  • Calculate the total hemispheric emissivity
  • Evaluate the specular or scattering character of the surface

The device can measure high and low emissivity.
As an option, emissivity can be measured in specific bands (e.g. 8-12μm).

Supplied with power supply,
4 reference surfaces and carrying case

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