The Solar reflectance index : an indicator to avoid urban heat islands finally recognized by energy saving certificates.

Since July, it is possible to integrate the value of the Solar reflectance index to obtain an energy saving certificate (EEC). The decree of July 19 of the official journal details the BAT-EN-112 which defines the eligibility of a roof for this certificate.

To do this, you must be able to significantly modify the IRS of the roof. Demand for Solar reflectance index and albedo measurements has increased sharply since June.

Additionally LEED certification requires high SRI values ​​for surfaces exposed to sunlight. THEMACS Engineering can perform these measurements on samples or on site in order to qualify a coating.

CAUTION : To obtain the Solar reflectance index it is essential to have a measurement of the albedo but also of the emissivity !

Download the extract from the decree of July 19 :